Prototyping / MVP

At Voidverse Studios, we recognize the significance of prototyping and MVPs in game development. Prototyping enables testing and validation of concepts before pitching to publishers and will help understand the game's fun factor and refine its core elements for a compelling experience.


Ignoring MVP Could Be Costing You Millions in Missed Opportunities

Just 7 days

average time to deliver a prototype for hyper-casual game. This time depends on the type of game you are developing*


increase in investor and publisher interest and funding potential with a solid prototype in hand

Up to Infinity

decrease in development costs by fine-tuning game mechanics before full-scale production

Step by Step

Step 1
  • Provide key info.
  • Get initial draft estimation on time and costs.
  • Sign legal docs (MNDA, service agreements).
Step 2
  • Solidify GDD (Game design document).
  • Choose what functionality is important to include in the initial MVP.
  • Set milestones for deliverables.
  • Get an in-depth estimate on time and costs.
  • Give us a green light/“GO”.
Step 3
  • Get your MVP, test, iterate, pitch to publishers, investors, your grandma, enjoy!

Slow < Fast Prototype

We assembled some features ideas in the order of it's speed to give you an idea:

  • Slow < Fast < Even faster
  • 2D < 3D < XR
  • Desktop < Android < iOS
  • Our art < Custom art
  • No sound < Our sound < Custom sound
  • Our UI < Custom UI
  • No animation < Our animation < Custom animation
  • No VFX < Our VFX < Custom VFX
  • Manual layout < Procedural generation
  • Easily Configurable settings (Extra)
  • Multiplayer functionality (Extra)
  • Online and social features (Extra)
  • Multiple languages support (for regional testing) (Extra)
  • Reusable and expandable architecture (Extra)

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