Development Estimations

At Voidverse Studios, we believe that clear and accurate estimations are the cornerstone of successful game development projects. Our estimation services provide you with precise time and pricing forecasts, ensuring that your expectations are met, and there are no surprises along the way. We approach this with meticulous attention to detail.


Why Getting an Estimate Matters

Budget Clarity

an accurate estimate sets clear financial expectations, helping you plan and allocate resources effectively

Scope Definition

it outlines project milestones, ensuring everyone understands the scope, reducing potential scope creep

Risk Management

identifying potential challenges upfront allows proactive risk mitigation, saving time and resources in the long run

Precision - Accuracy - Perfection

Our estimations are:

  • Itemized breakdowns for each phase of development.
  • Thorough analysis of potential challenges and solutions.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Regular updates if project scope evolves.
  • The assurance of a clear path to your game's success.
  • Based off real-life similar projects.

Step by Step

Step 1
  • Provide key info.
  • Discuss technical specifications and objectives.
  • Sign legal docs (MNDA, service agreements).
Step 2
  • Solidify GDD (Game design document).
  • Choose what functionality is important to include for milestones.
  • Set milestones for deliverables.
Step 3
  • Get an in-depth estimate on time and costs.

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